Plain English Proofreading by Julia Brown

Would you like to make your written English easier to read?

You’ve spent days writing your essay, dissertation or article, but if your work is full of grammatical errors or words used in the wrong context then your readers may struggle to understand you. 

I can help you to make the right impression by proofreading your work: checking your written English for spelling, grammar, punctuation and typographical errors, and making any corrections on your behalf. I can also make suggestions for improved presentation and syntax.

However, I am solely a proofreader, not an editor. Students should check with their supervisor as to whether they are permitted to have help with editing whereas having a proofreader to help students is actually encouraged by many universities.

I am able to keep my proofreading rates to an absolute minimum because I do not check the validity of your references as I consider this to be the responsibility of the client, and by leaving it to you I am able to proofread your document at a lower cost than some other proofreaders.  

For proofreading that is:

friendly, flexible and meticulous

fast and very reasonably priced, from only £8 per 1,000 words

especially suited to international students or researchers

Proofreading Rates

For typed manuscript submitted via email

Student rate: £8 per 1,000 words.

Business rate: £10 per 1,000 words.

What my clients say

“I have used Julia for nearly 2.5 years time, helping me proofreading articles and chapters for my PhD.(I’m doing a Phd in Innovation and learning). My first language is Danish, so I certainly need someone to proofread my articles. I have found Julia of very much help, and I am highly recommending her.” (sic)  

Erik Hallgren

“Altough Julia Brown’s proof reading is reasonable rate, £8 pound for 1000 words, the quality is very high. Thanks to her proof reading, I got A in the essay. Additionally, she is very kind and honest.” (sic)  

Hisashi Kawano (Sussex University, Masters student)                                

“Many thanks to Julia Brown who did the proofreading and improve the clarity as well as the quality of this text.” (sic)                                 

Dr Chimienti (Sociologist)

“My thesis was benefited from the proofreading service of Julia. In addition to her good proofreading skill, Julia’s kind support for her non-English speaking clients made the quality of my work improved.” (sic)

Jong-Woon Lee* (Sussex University, PhD student)

* If you would like to contact this client by email for a personal proofreading reference, he is happy for me to give you his contact details.

Try my proofreading for free

As an example of my work, I invite you to email me a short passage of your work (200 to 300 words in length) which I will gladly proofread for you free of charge.

Find out more about my proofreading services

Would you like to make a great first impression with your writing?

I would be delighted to discuss with you how I can help you to meet your proofreading needs, so please send me an email and I will be in touch shortly.

Please note that I only provide proofreading of work, not editing.

If you have a mobile phone, you may wish to forward your number to me as well, in case I need to discuss anything with you regarding your work.

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If you would like to hear from one of my current proofreading clients, I would be happy to put you in contact.